Hero Worship

Before the talk I asked a steward whether photographs would be possible afterwards, so I wouldn't need to catch a snap just as he was leaving. And she said she'd ask, and that was that. Then, at the end were told that, if we wanted photos, to queue up. So we did, even though I only wanted a solo shot, none of that selfie nonsense, like all those in front of us. But, as we approached our turn, a steward offered to take the photo with us both - and I thought 'well, why not?' so we did and I came over all Mumsie and practically hugged him.

The subject is Peter Sawkins, winner of the 2020 Great British Bakeoff, giving a talk for Fringe by The Sea in North Berwick, not far off his home turf. The talk took the form of an interview about his experience in the making of the programme, his love of baking and his book (to be released in October), followed by questions from the sell-out audience, all handled with confidence and aplomb. 

The way he allowed so many selfies and wrote so many autographs and was still smiling proves that he is just a very nice chap. 

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