By Veronica

La tarte à l'oignon de Caroline

Another baking master class today, as Caroline showed us how to make her onion tart. I have made onion tarts of this type in the past, but hers is vastly superior, due mainly to the addition of a considerable amount of cayenne pepper. Prompting much discussion among the spice-wary French of how much is too much (I agreed with Caro that a little more wouldn't have gone amiss). Another one to go on my blog.

We started at 9:30 to avoid the heat; the tarts didn't take long once the onions were cooked, so we hung out chatting till we felt it was an appropriate hour (midday) to crack open the wine for aperos, served with slices of tart. Delicious. The apero ended up being prolonged till after 2 o'clock, as more people kept turning up and there was plenty of tart to go round (we made five again). Then most of us sloped off to have a siesta.

Another class scheduled for a couple of weeks' time!

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