By Veronica


So here are the Matisses that S thinks can be replaced by the painting we bought. Actually I think we will hang it somewhere more prominent, on a white wall.

These prints (yes, sorry, not originals!) bring back fond memories. The top one, Le Bonheur de Vivre, was bought when we visited the Barnes Collection in Paris, sometime in the early 1990s; we went there specially to see it. I think it was the first time they'd allowed an exhibition outside the US. It was fabulous, a treasure trove of impressionist paintings. The original oil painting is much larger than this and absolutely stunning.

The drawing of the sleeping model was bought later; I can't find much information about it online, but I'm sure I bought it at the Musée d'Orsay (my favourite museum in Paris). I love the fluid simplicity of the lines, and it's been in various locations on the wall since not long after we bought this house.

Another very hot day. Swim, errands in town, some of them frustrating, a hot drive back with failing air conditioning. We skulked in the house for the afternoon and popped out for an apero chez V and G in the early evening. So, emergency blip.

Today's tune: 96 Degrees in the Shade. Released 44 years ago -- yikes! It was one of the soundtracks of my student life. Read the Youtube blurb to find out more about it.

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