By RegardsFromEdin

Rebus at Blackhall Bowling Club

Soaking up another few chapters of Ian Rankin’s ‘Set in Darkness’ (Inspector Rebus novel 11) I found myself following DC Siobhan Clarke, one of Rebus’s protégés, out to Blackhall Bowling Club to interview a witness.  I would be heading out that way today too! 

We played through a gamut of weathers – sun, rain, wind, hot, cool.   I was in and out of my rucksack and on and off with my fleece, waterproof, sun hut and beanie!  As well as the sunscreen!  At one stage the rain was hitting my bowls faster than I could wipe it off to deliver. But at least we ended with a good away win of 19 – 7. 

And in case you're wondering, I can report that Mr Rankin has used some artistic licence vis a vis Blackhall Bowling Club!

The long way back to the flat to drop off some allotment veg to our pals in Dundas Street.  They’ve been warned that the cabbage will feed the whole tenement block!

Back on the 30th January I blipped that we were making our way through the entire 11 seasons of Frasier.  Well we’ve just watched ‘Farwell Nervosa’, episode 20 in season 10, with a special guest appearance by Elvis Costello as Ben, the cheery but tuneless folk singer, putting in a rendition of Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport – good acting EC!

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