By JeanSnaps

The three tailed cat.

An early start this morning. I got dressed and went to Birnie Loch with my camera planning to photograph birds but the best spot was occupied and the other spot was dark and the birds weren't coming anyway so I pottered around the grassy area beside the loch.  This was always kept well mown but now areas, especially near the shore have been allowed to grow wilder which I think is much better. There were clumps of ragwort and plenty of insects. The sun came out and I was there for ages photographing the ducks preening and waiting to see who would be first to take the plunge.  See extras. Once the sun cleared the trees they went so I concentrated on the back lit cattails. They often get called bulrushes too and there seems to be confusion over whether they are  reeds or rushes or are they sedges.  I like the little rhyme "Sedges have edges, rushes are round and grasses have knees that bend to the ground."   I'm not any wiser though and have never seen one with three tails before.
Came home to a late breakfast feeling rather chilly. Loaded the washing machine and went out to continue sawing at the cotoneaster trunk. It's in such an awkward position but I persevered and got there in the end.  Someone else will be taking out the stump for sure.
Showered and put on clean clothes hoping this would warm me up. Had a look at a lily in bud but it hadn't progressed and the echinops has only coloured very slightly.  Little bits of weeding got done but I abandoned all my other intended chores  and lay reading on the sofa.  Dozed off briefly.  I think I'll be having an early night.

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