By JeanSnaps

Blue heaven.

Late up and dithering around this morning but remembered to phone Wilson's to check they were starting work on the car on Wednesday. I'm going to deliver it tomorrow night.  Had just settled with coffee when a Scottish Gas van stopped outside.  They were coming to service the central heating between twelve and six but were early.  A really nice engineer who has just begun walking with a friend and was up West Lomond at the weekend.  I was encouraging him although I was a bit envious.  We were talking about British Gas and their new working conditions.  Over six hundred engineers have left to work elsewhere and more are planning to.  It's exactly what I thought would happen. They'll lose customers too because the standard of their engineers will go down. 
The bathroom which should have been cleaned yesterday is now sparkling then most of my afternoon  was spent photographing in the garden. There were two or three peacock butterflies and quite a lot of bees but the hoverflies won out. They love the echinops which has just opened. Did my exercises but skipped the extra ones I did yesterday.  My knee has been extra sore today and I need to find out if they are to blame.  Tomorrow I shall have to tackle the inside of the car.  Ugh !

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