Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Low key!

                                            Monday (backblip)

I decided to have a go at Mono Monday seeing as I had actually remembered to look at the theme beforehand! Something I usually forget to do!

Thankfully it was something I could have a go at ..... a lot of the challenges are a bit difficult for me as I rarely get out anywhere .... at least this I could do!

Hope you like my Low Key effort :-)

Thanks to Carolina for hosting this month .... hope I'm not too late :-)

Extra: Stripped Bare! This is all that is left of one of my Welsh Poppies after something has literally stripped it down to the bare stalks! There are now several of them looking like this .... still haven't managed to find what is devouring them petals and all!

Stay safe everyone :-)

Beware rant to follow

Big Brother strikes again:
I don't know if any of you are aware of this but BT, Virgin & the other telecom companies are intending on doing away with all landlines in the next few years! They have decided that we must all go digital! They do seem to be keeping this very quiet! Not impressed with the idea as I use my landline to make all my calls!  Many other people rely on their landlines for emergencies .... what will they do? Yet again our choices are being diminished without any consultation!

Rant over!

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