By hazelh

Cycling heroes

[Backblipped due to illness. See yesterday's entry for the start of the story.]

Here are Mr hazelh and Paddy after their epic journey by bike from our hotel at Arisaig to Winsford's house in Pitlochry. The ride stats are as follows:

109 miles covered
1500m of climb
7 hours 10 mins of moving time
15.2 mph average speed
39 mph top speed
8 hours 42 of elapsed time
3600 calories burnt

Caitlin and I provided support from our back-up vehicle, supplying tools and food to our partners on four occasions along the way. The two longer stops were for lunch at Spean Bridge, and tea and scones just outside Dalwhinnie.

Caitlin was also a hero because she did all the driving while I sat quietly in the passenger seat of the Fiesta. The plan had been for us to share the driving, but it was obvious from the moment that I awoke that I would not be a very useful travelling companion. At first I wondered if I had a hangover. This was on the basis of a headache, feeling sick, and stomach ache. However, although I drank a little more than usual after our wonderful day on the beach at Back of Keppoch, this was hardly enough to make me feel so poorly. Then I remembered Saturday night's big bowl of mussels...

The Winsfords made us all feel very welcome for the evening, and served us a lovely meal of mild bean chilli followed by fruit salad. The non-cyclists also managed a game of Catan (which I won).

Due to work commitments on Monday, after dinner Paddy and Caitlin continued the journey back to Edinburgh by car. Meanwhile Mr hazelh and I elected to stay the night with the Winsfords with the intention of catching the train home from Pitlochry the following morning. My next blip will reveal that this plan did not come to fruition...

Exercise today: none.

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