Sick bed view

[This is the third of a series of photographs backblipped due to illness. The story starts on 14th August.]

The plan for the day:

Morning: The hazelhs catch a morning train from Pitlochry home to Edinburgh.
Afternoon: The hazelhs prepare for the arrival of two sets of friends to continue their holiday in Edinburgh.
Evening: The hazelhs meet the first set of friends - the Foxes - at the Fishmarket with Katharine and Jack for dinner.

The day:

Morning: hazelh is suffering really badly from stomach cramps. Mr hazelh persuades her to try and travel home, but on a later train than originally planned.
Midday: The hazelhs discover that there is unlikely to be any space for two bikes on the 12:25 service. When the train pulls into the station this proves to be the case. The train guard advises that the hazelhs cycle 31 miles to Perth to pick up a train to Edinburgh from there. This is not an option: hazelh is in terrible pain and she can barely stay upright.
12:30: Mr hazelh decides to set off to Perth alone on his bike (with no tools, no map - and having ridden 109 miles across the Highlands the previous day!) Winsford arranges to take hazelh and her bike back to the Winsfords' house, and hazelh is put to bed for the rest of the day.
15:07: Mr hazelh makes it to Perth just as the train to Edinburgh pulls into the station. Even though it's packed, and the bike space in the carriage is already taken by three cycles and a buggy, he is determined to travel and lifts his own bike on board. The doors close and he is on his way. Then the owner of the buggy approaches him - to say hello. It's Mr hazelh's (third) cousin Guy.
17:30: Mr hazelh reaches home. hazelh is still suffering in bed in Pitlochry.
19:00: Mr hazelh meets the Foxes, Katharine and Jack at the Fishmarket. hazelh emerges from her sickbed to sit with the Winsfords while they eat dinner, and a game of Catan is mooted. After a win for Winsford, hazelh returns to her sickbed for a night with Radio 4, then the World Service.

My blip is of one of the Gallus Glass stained glass panels that hangs in Winsford's spare bedroom.

Exercise today: none.

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