The Stowaway

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After a reasonable night's sleep in the back of the van, we packed away our gear, said goodbye to MrM's sister, and headed north late morning. 

First stop was Kirkby-on-Bain for a walk by the river, and in grey overcast weather the Lincolnshire landscape seemed very melancholy. As we stopped to watch a water rail, we were surprised to see an otter cross the river. After a second-breakfast stop in a lay-by a little further north - I hesitate to call fresh croissants and coffee lunch(!) - we drove up to Leeds, where we spent an hour or so wandering around the waterfront. Lots of canal barges moored there (extra), but this one looked very sad. 

Then a short walk to meet Tom and Lucy for a pub meal after they finished work. Very good to see them again! After a very pleasant couple of hours it was time to drive home, arriving just before midnight. Phew!

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