By Maureen6002

Sweet peas and honeysuckle ICM

Thanks yet again for all your good wishes yesterday. Less pain today, but still taking things very easy for now. 

Both the weather and my energy levels mean there is but a tiny window of opportunity to take today’s blip, and I briefly wander slowly round the garden trying different shutter speeds and subjects. 

ICM or motion blur isn’t something I’ve done before, and I find it hard to get something that looks deliberately artistic rather than, as G bluntly puts it, a photo that’s ‘gone wrong’. 

I end up with a selection, rejecting some immediately - retaining others to fuss and faff over. Should I stick with basically a SOOC image, or should I use this as a starting point to go fully down the abstract route? Inevitably, it’s closer to the latter. 

Some time later I end up with two versions of the same shot - sweet peas and honeysuckle. (At this point I should mention that the very presence of honeysuckle is something of a miracle. We have been trying to grow this glorious scented climber for years, and this is the first time we’ve had anything close to perfect blooms!) it’s probably the shot with the least amount of movement, but for some reason I like it. 

So two versions, diametrically opposed. The first is mono yet again - does this reflect my current mood I wonder?; the second fully saturated, vibrant. I. The end, I feel a third mono in four days may be too much, so vibrancy wins, relegating the other to extras. 

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting. 

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