Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

E-Biking Outing!

Something new and fun to do! The kids were keen on doing some e-biking in this beautiful area... but what to do about mum?! Well, I was game to try it out on a trial session the day before we booked our bikes at the sport's centre.

Well, my friends, I loved it... and felt as if I had wings zooming along the country roads with the 'Turbo' setting going up the hills!  We did an outing that lasted 1hr40 (including photo stops). There was one difficult steep part in the woods on slippery gravel going uphill where I kept on skidding, so decided to walk up the most difficult part for 5 minutes.

When we got back to the centre, the kids went off again for an hour at a more accelerated speed while I had a lovely refreshing shower and a bottle of cooled, sparkling water to await their return. 

Afterwards, we all went out for a well-earned and delicious meal!

Main shot: the beautiful country roads overlooking the soft hills and faraway mountains. I do love the red-topped roofs in this area.

- My daughter took this shot of my son and his wife and me (in the baggy top for coolness!)
- My children and me in the restaurant and the lovely greenery and the local church.
- Collage of the e-bike enthusiasts: my daughter on her bike, my son and his wife, a sweet little chapel and the beautiful area with overhanging trees.

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