By hazelh

Aboard Britannia

[Still back-blipping, still not 100%...]

At long last Mr hazelh and I have finally visited the Royal Yacht Britannia. It's only 23 years since it opened as a visitor attraction in Leith! (We are yet to climb the Scott Monument...)

It was the Foxes who initially suggested the trip. When Mark and Audrey, who are keen sailors themselves, approved this idea, I booked tickets for us all. I was very impressed with the exhibition and can understand the popularity of the boat with tourists. I have blipped the boat's bell.

Earlier in the day we all took a guided walk around Warriston cemetery. This was also fun, although rather too much knowledge of Edinburgh and Scotland was assumed of our English visitors. The tombs/memorials that I found most interesting were the Tomb of the Red Lady (more here), and the slab that commemorates the short lives of two infant children of William Darby. If you think that you don't know Darby, you will have heard his stage name in the fourth line of Being for the benefit of Mr Kite! Darby was better known as the circus proprietor Pablo Fanque.

This evening the six of us were joined again by Katharine and Jack for a barbecue in the back garden. The party ended at the kitchen table with keen revellers Jack and Mark enjoying cheese and biscuits with generous measures of whisky. I missed out on this, retiring early to bed on account of my still-not-100% state of health.

Exercise today: walking (18,977 steps).

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