The day was as drookit as my heid so decided to do all the indoor things we slip when the sun shines.
Quick walk of Porty Prom then we took the train to town and went for lunch at the Scottish Portrait Gallery. My dad introduced me to the excellent cafe years ago but Covid made it rather disorganised and less tasty today.
I was hungry to see the Alison Watt exhibition after seeing one of her incredible realist paintings last year at the City Art centre.
Inspired by the paintings of Allan Ramsay she took small detail from his paintings and reproduced them in almost photographic detail. Incredible close up. I can’t decide which is my favourite perhaps this lace or was it the roses?
Mooched round the rest of the gallery which is always very different every trip and then a matinee at the Omni to watch the infinitely forgettable ( oh the irony) Reminiscence... waste of a good concept, Hugh Jackson and some CGI... and £4.99

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