By Beinghere


This is my son’s Hungarian vizsla puppy. He is 15 weeks old and just adorable. I met him today for the first time when Bruce and my grandchildren came to visit.

Last night I had a really lovely time at the wedding reception. I danced a fair bit and drunk a fair bit (for me). Jamie looked so smart in his kilt and Nicole was really beautiful in a full-length fitted dress with shoulder straps in oyster.
I was a bit emotional at times, especially when Jamie said they were taking Nicole’s bouquet to place on his mum’s grave today. She would have been so proud.
This morning I felt very tired and maybe a wee bit hungover, so I decided it was a quiet day for me. Then my son phoned to say they were coming to visit. So I quickly scurryfunged and was ready when they arrived.
We had a fun afternoon. Geordie was great with the puppy. He told him off a couple of times, but it was gently done, and that’s what adult (Geordie? hehe) dogs do. Teach the youngsters how to behave.

It was great to see my grandchildren and find out what they’ve been up to. I really miss them.

Extras: Aaron and Jessica

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