By JeanSnaps

The shops not open yet.

After yesterday it's been lovely to have sunshine all day.  I went out early to see how the agapanthus had stood up to the downpour and they seem to have enjoyed it. Was photographing when this optimistic hoverfly appeared but none of the flowers had opened so it was disappointed.
I didn't think much would get done today but I've done better than expected.  Most of the selfie junk has been put away and the inside of the car is now full of its normal junk again.  Roomba has been in action downstairs so things are looking a bit tidier all round.  Haven't got back to the garden though.  I went to see if there were butterflies on the buddleia and was there forever clicking away.  The comma was back, peacocks, red admirals, small tortoiseshells, even a white.  All getting in each others way and being bumped into by flies and hoverflies and bees. It was great to see them all feeding like mad.
Spent some time on the sofa reading Norman McCaig.  I've just bought a copy of his collected works. He's a poet I haven't paid much attention to and a great find.  Poems about Assynt which he loved and which is a favourite spot of mine too. And lots of nature poems and everyday life.  I seem to be in the mood for poetry and am waiting for a book by Louise Gluck called "Wild Iris."  Mind you I'm also reading a detective story. I like a bit of a mixture.

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