Bespoke Mirrors!

Just on our morning circular and there is a new franchise at the Arts and Crafts centre, near the Farmhouse Bistro.
Currently now installed in the Bistro having a morning coffee.
We passed this little store which apparently must make the mirrors to order.
They are fun, but not sure I would have one.
I’m back to the opticians after we have had our lunch, once back at home, to collect my spare pair of glasses which have had new lenses after my eye test a few weeks ago.
It was such a glorious day yesterday, and I am pleased to say my shopping trip was finally successful, much to my relief.
In the afternoon we had a long walk in the park and came across the whole herd of wild Exmoor ponies by Little Bracebridge Pool.
A lovely sight.
They were introduced 10-15 years ago to keep some of the vegetation in check.
I’ll include some photos in extras, although I took them yesterday.

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