By biddy

Bumper crop of apples.

Our 50 year old apple tree (at least we think that’s how old it is, as it was fully grown when we moved here 42 years ago), has produced a bumper crop!
We’ve never seen the apples so red before!
Funny old day for weather. Really humid and warm.
It was rather warm when I had my Pilates class this afternoon. We had the door open and a fan as well.
Our lovely teacher was rather hot! She apologised for sweating! But we all felt the same.
I was invited by some of the others to go for a tea/coffee in the restful reception area of the Centre.
Lots of lovely comfy armchairs.
The class ended at 2.30pm and we didn’t leave till after 4.00pm!
I took this photo earlier today with my camera (which unfortunately has a scratch on the lens.)
My laptop took forever to boot up! It needs a complete overhaul!
That’s why I tend to take photos with my phone.
Once the laptop IS booted up it then takes just as long to get it to upload the photos from my camera memory card!
I decided to download all the photos on my laptop onto an Seagate storage drive.
Then I will take the offending laptop up to our local Computer shop to see if can stand being overhauled!
I’ll let you know!
It’s now almost time for tea, as I sit here with the patio window opened and a light rain mizzling outside.
I’d better stir myself.

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