David J. Rose

By djrose007

Happy Birthday at the Water Park

It's Julia's birthday today and she took Isabella and Harriet to the water park,  Limassol. They always have a great time there, as I did with them three weeks ago.
You can see how thrilled they are with their toasted sandwiches, they really enjoy them. The photo was screen shot from a video Julia sent to us.
I remember when I used to take our children swimming on a Sunday morning, we were always hungry afterwards and would get a small bag of chips to share!
Took F.M.i.L. to the graves, her to have a chat with her husband and daughter and say a pray to each, me to water the flowers. Must admit that when I go by myself I usually have a few words for my Father-in-Law, he was a best friend as well as a F.F.i.L.
I didn't know Marlane's sister, she was killed in a motor accident by a drunk driver hitting her boyfriends car when she was only 17, that was in 1969. See Extras.

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