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By H0tamer

Minimalist and Tiny Tuesday #326 results

My contribution today for the Abstract Thursday challenge, with the optional theme 'minimalist'. It is just a part of the banks of the rivulet Gersprenz.

Tiny Tuesday TT326 Challenge Results

This week the optional theme was “man-made”. There were 71 entries, many of them excellent (you make it very hard for the host), so my choice of the Favourites and the Honourable Mentions is just a selection. Take your time to visit all: TT326.
Next week the optional theme will be “in a forest”. Don’t worry if you don’t have a forest around. Perhaps something else looks like a forest? Or you have bushes instead of trees?
My Favourites:
1.  isbi                                 Nail Clippers
2.  rmeinz                           Charm Bracelet
3.  JohnW                           Tiny Man-Made Puzzle
4.  Technophobe               String
5.  trisharooni                    Surprise!

My Honourable Mentions:
carol_dunham            Black Hole
DawnP                         [Wo]man-made Tinies
KeenKen                     Netsuke
selfcontained             An Owl Necklace
tedwin                         I didn't go to S--savers

We do have volunteers to host September, October and November already, yippee!
But nevertheless, more months will follow so please give it a thought.

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