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By Damnonii

Friends reunited...

Backblipped 28.08.21

My turn to be hostess again today with our friends Jennifer and Paul coming for lunch along with their two gorgeous Golden boys Toby and Bertie (Toby is the white coated boy and Bertie is the golden who is almost identical to Lola) 

They arrived just before 1pm and within seconds Lola, who'd been asleep in her bed, was going nuts at the arrival of her boyfriends!  :-))  Thankfully it was a beautiful day so we all headed straight into the garden to let the dogs run off some energy.  That took most of the afternoon!  lol

We had lunch in the sunshine followed by the most amazing New York raspberry cheesecake made by Paul.  I am definitely getting that recipe!  :-))

After a brief rest, Paul and David took Lola and the boys up to the moor for a walk and to let them wallow in the cool water at the horse jumps.  Toby took particular pleasure in the cleanish water before finding the largest muddy puddle and revelling in that till he was caked in mud!  A repeat visit to the horse jump water was required.

Meanwhile Jennifer and I sat in the garden having a good catch up and putting the world to rights.  One of Jennifer's hobbies is making art work and objects with glass and she brought me a beautiful plate that will no doubt be a blip :-)

The men and the dogs arrived back and after a drink of water (tea for us) the dogs had a brief rest in the shade before trying to get on David's knee!  Children and dogs seem to find him irresistible!  :-)

It's so lovely watching Lola, Toby and Bertie playing together.  They have such a lovely bond.  Toby is the youngest (and biggest) but the most sensible.  Bertie and Lola are very evenly matched in personality and looks. In fact David gave Bertie a telling off at one point thinking he was Lola!  :-)

They headed home just before 6pm and the garden suddenly seemed very quiet.  Lola returned to her bed, exhausted and happy.  

A late dinner followed by an episode of Outlander finished off a lovely day.

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