The First Apple Crisp of Autumn

Okay, so I'm pushing it on the seasons a little bit! So sue me! 

My husband's buddy Keith gave us a bag of apples from their tree. The apples were on the small side, and were a combination of sweet and quite tart. I made apple pancakes out of some of them last week.

On this day, I decided to make an apple crisp out of the remaining apples. Schnitzing up the apples took the majority of the time. (And - schnitz - there's a little Pennsylvania Dutch coming out!)

I used an easy apple crisp recipe I found online, and soon the kitchen and the whole house smelled absolutely autumny and delightful: apples, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Oh my goodness! What happy smells!

Here's a song for happy smells in a happy house: Sheryl Crow, If It Makes You Happy.

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