I popped in to the City because I could see a hovering helicopter from a distance. It's XR I thought and so I followed the clatter of the chopper which turned out to be positioned over London Bridge. I couldn't see any demonstrators but heard on the news later that the police had blocked the bridge to stop the XR crew from taking it over. The authorities evidently didn't want a repeat of yesterday's tea party on Tower Bridge.

So I diverted to the Royal Exchange where there was a gathering of another XR group with lots of children.  This lady looked good with her banner and was happy to be snapped. And then I had the pleasure of bumping in to Ilya from the  photo society. I knew that she is an ardent XR activist but I was delighted to meet her by chance. We had an interesting discussion about the methods of the protestors  .

I moved on to take some pictures and now that I am looking at them closely I am wondering why the speakers had plastic bottles of branded water on their table. And also intrigued by the plastic Waitrose carrier bag. (see extras). I didn't think XR are espousing such items. Puzzled I left and made my way home.

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