Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Well, most of you know that I can't resist bugporn.  So when these two rather large grasshoppers presented themselves thusly engaged, what was I to do?  And yes, they were hanging upside down.  I contemplated flipping the photo but decided it liked it just as it is.  

Three friends and I met up to hike around the wetlands at the Refuge this morning - it was quite muggy and we only spotted 18 bird species, but it was still very enjoyable.  I saw several new (to me) insects, any of which would have been suitable to blip.  But bugporn...what can I say?  These are very large creatures with the females clocking in at an impressive 2 inches while the males are a bit smaller.  The species is Differential Grasshopper so named  because there is quite a bit of variation in their appearance.  

Two other shots from today - Dog day cicada and a spider wasp

Tomorrow I was supposed to meet up with some other friends for a hike but it looks like it is going to be a washout as we get the remnants of the hurricane.  May be a day for hummies in the rain!

Dark with tart raspberries today.


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