At the station

I stopped off in Blackrock on my way home this morning. A change of weather was forecast, and I thought it best to do some blipping earlier than later. Standing on the bridge across the railway tracks, I blipped down towards Dún Laoghaire and up towards the derelict Blackrock Baths (surprised to see how strongly the work in progress on the new Lansdowne Road stadium registers in the landscape).

But it was this view of the pedestrian bridge at Blackrock DART station which really caught my eye. I've always thought this to be a rather ugly, over-engineered structure, but there's still something rather pleasing about the rhythm of the elements.

The rest of the day until 4.00 or so went by lazily, and then it was time to go in to town to meet a new applicant for our Music Group. We had a good chat, he seemed really keen, and confirmed that he'll come along to Saturday's session to see how he likes it. It turns out that he lives quite near me, so I gave him a lift home and arranged to meet him on Saturday and give him a lift to our host's place. All the talk about musical interests and so on encouraged me to treat myself to a bit of an extended listening session when I got back home.

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