While on my runs

By waipushrink

Treats for the donkeys

Not working today, and have hardly used the computer

That's what it feels like, but that's because It's correct for after midday. As is my custom I did the Guardian cryptic (Friday's on Saturday) on my iPad. I then spent quite some time checking out the electronic toll charging which has had charges for lots of trips by daughter J that she didn't make. So I rang the tolling section of the NZ Transport Authority, and told her what has happened, and that it seemed that a motorbike was being charged which all seemed bizarre. 

She corrected me; the charges relate to J's car on the Tauranga toll road, and she certainly has not been there. Apparently the computer can misread the licence plate, and that's what seems to have happened. They will investigate and refund the wrongly made charges, which will be nice. It was also a relief to be told that it is almost certainly just a glitch in the system, not some sort of naughtiness by someone.

I had a run around the water's edge from Southend of Snells Beach to Algies Bay, and then up to Highfield Garden Reserve, where I happened iupon the donkeys being given a treat. They are much better cared for than some years ago, and that shows also in the frequent additions; the dark brown donkey is their "baby".

Despite the requirement that everyone wears a mask when outside, and maintains distance, none of the people I saw was wearing a mask. I put mine on when I was having to pass others, and ensured at least 10m between me and others. I did get some odd looks.

Our numbers have gone down again; to 20 today. Methinks that residents of NSW will be envious as their approach has them reporting over a thousand cases a day, and numerous deaths. One woman in her 90s has died of Covid in this outbreak.

The violence in Lynn Mall yesterday afternoon had one daughter assuring is that she and the boys weren't anywhere near, and all of us checking on the other daughter. The response of the Imam in Christchurch was so dignified and appropriate. I hope it defuses the knee jerk of hostile reactions to all Islam

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