IF you are Orgyria antiqua

you can stay. I flicked your mates off the leaves of my rugosa rose yesterday when I came across them in the garden, they were munching away making lacy patterns which if they are they are the above I don't mind. The Vapourer moth does'nt harm the host plant apparently, & that was my main concern, so chomp away.
Breakfast then I did wiped out the ironing pile before heading to Mum's. Indie walking today. we walked across the heath, met the cows, met a couple of chaps from a local Amphibian & reptile group doing a survey so stopped and had a chat with them. Fascinating to learn about what is on the doorstep. I'm surprised I have'nt come across any adders during our walks on the heath, not that I want to encounter them particularly but best to be aware. Nothing so far this morning as it was a little dull & overcast but a couple of weeks back they had 61 sightings, including the Common lizard, with young, slow worms, & 2 adders, but no grass snakes. I enquired about reporting badger sightings, as I saw a dead young badger on the roadside entering the village. When I lived elsewhere in the county they were asking for sightings to be reported, so that the bodies could be recovered, checking for TB etc. They were'nt sure. I left them as the sun was trying to break through. All sightings made by themselves plus the bird count folks I've spotted a couple of times on the heath get recorded, the info passed on to the Devon Wildlife Trust.
I dropped indie back home then went blackberrying for half an hour. Got loads!! Back to Mum's for coffee. I rang Alison who lives along from Mum inquiring if she had any windfalls, next minute Indie was at the gate squeaking, Alison had arrived with 2 bags, 1 for Mum, 1 for me. Perfect!! Did I mentioned I'd bought a jam thermometer? I thought the jelly I made earlier in the week had'nt set, but when I tested it this morning, it passed the Kipsie quality control test, so that was one less task. :-) Now safely stored in the cupboard. I'm running out of jars & space.
An afternoon of horse racing .. Mum had 2 winners, I had 3 winners, hubby had 2. We're getting pretty good at this malarky. All good fun. I dropped Mum home, supplied with runner beans, cooked beetroot, & peas from the plot
Now off to make  duck noodle soup AGAIN. :-D

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