Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Moonscape ...

... otherwise known as the Kingsteignton Clay Works.

Today is the Wide on Wednesday challenge (hosted by BobsBlips) and today's theme is 'A Different Angle'. I think that's a no brainer for a drone photographer. 

I had to go to Kingsteignton so I carried on a little way to the clay works. I pass this way quite often on my way up to the moor and have often thought I'd like to see what's over the ridge that you see from the road. Now you can see it too so it's a different angle and it's also a view you wouldn't get to see otherwise. It's great to see the huge barns they use to store the ball clay and if you have a large screen and good eyes you might be able to see the yellow truck coming down the roadway one third in from the left side.

It's been a very wet morning and I was surprised that the afternoon was dry. I think there'll be more rain soon and maybe a spectacular thunderstorm too.

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