By pensionspoet


Today Jon put two frames from his hive into this home made Bain-Marie to melt the honey and wax to extract the honey. It is the first honey that he has taken off this hive, since buying the nucleus of bees last summer. When the wax is completely hard, he will lift it off and we can try the honey. Tomorrow we will put it into jars and then we will know how much there is. Jon is a generous bee keeper and has left plenty of honey for the bees, to feed them through the winter. Other bee keepers take all the honey then feed them a sugar and water solution. The bees have been very busy today because of the hot spell, and it has made me realise I don’t have many pollen rich flowers in my garden still flowering, so I need to improve that, and add some late flowering plants.

Work has been what work is. My IT was messing about today so I kept dropping out, and calls were broken up too, which was frustrating. When it froze at just before 5 it was time to call it a day!

Have been trying to do some sewing - first chance I’ve had for ages, but it has got dark so quickly. So now it’s tv and bed to read. Day off tomorrow and I plan to head to the beach after lunch with Jon. Fingers crossed it stays sunny!

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