Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Highland Coo

This morning was very wet, which made the little stream outside our property run even faster. It's lovely just sitting in the apartment with the windows open listening to it babbling all day. 
Thankfully it stopped raining for a few hours this afternoon and we went for a short drive through the Forest - Three Lochs Forest Drive. It's a 7 mile track visiting, unsurprisingly, three lochs and there are lots of stopping places so you can take pictures and short walks which we did. It wasn't very busy at all which was great and we could stop where we wanted. I'd like to do it again one day on a nice sunny day to compare the two experiences, but we enjoyed it very much today.  On the way there we passed the highland cows that live on the other side of Loch Achray - they looked a bit damp....but I do love them, so that's todays blip. In extras is one of the lochs that we stopped at during our drive. 

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