... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Indoor Blip: Duet for Piano and Flash

The narrow format means that this definitely looks better in large ("L").

I've not quite managed to get this how I want it, but I'll try again another day when I've more time to fiddle with the setup: I awkwardly handheld both the flash and the camera today, so consider this a trial run...! I held the flash in my left hand above and forward of the camera (pointing at a downward angle), with the diffuser lens over the front of the flash, and a reflective card below it to reflect some light onto the flower design below the keys.

This is my mother's piano: it is a beautiful Blüthner boudoir grand piano decorated with Chinoiserie. A piano tuner from Blüthner looked up the serial number after visiting one time and revealed that the Chinoiserie was applied after manufacture (it was originally a plain black piano), making it unique which is rather nice. It has a responsive action but a mellow sound suitable for a drawing room rather than a concert hall, which makes it perfect for playing at home... I grew up with this piano, so whenever I play other ones it is the benchmark against which I judge them.

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