Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I've just done a quick search through my journal and found that the last time I blipped the Museum of the Future was on 19th April, the day I had my second Pfizer jab. We've hardly travelled this way since the summer break, so it's great to get this view again. The credit for the photo has to go to G.

In the morning, we visited an industrial estate to view a car. It was a 2012 Volvo that looked and sounded good (quiet engine). I sent the chassis number to my contact in Volvo. He gave me more of the car's history than the seller, so we won't be taking that any further!

Back to The Mall to do more car research etc., while G did a couple of hours in school. Then home to do three hours for my temp job. There was enough time to have dinner before going to the SA meeting. We had someone new join us today, quite randomly. He happened to be on the compound and came into the first English service available!

We offered to drop Catherine (one of the members) back to her car, which was in the same side of town as G's school. It was nice to have a coffee together before parting. She got introduced to a Caribou Campfire Mocha today!

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