Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

It's the weekend!

Another back-blip!

G took herself to work today, so I could do my three hours at my desk. She got home around 11, but an urgent invoice needed coding, so I had to do another hour.

The big thing of the day for me was going over to the new pastor's house to test a  solution I had for recording the sermon to upload to YouTube. I took my BOYA mic, stand, selfie stick and DSLR. We did the test using his phone and his wife's digital camera. It all worked well. The microphone picked up his voice perfectly, so he now has a plan and a backup. I love it when you can get a good result with minimum equipment and effort! :))

Home to a quiet evening. We have a guest coming tomorrow, so some tidying up needs to take place.

My blip is part of the flowers that came home last Thursday. I love them.

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