Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Full Day

Wow. It has been a non-stop, full day! Glad we both got to the end of it without collapsing!

We got to the SA Zoom meeting at 10 am. It was good to be there again. I then did some tidying up and dusting as we have a guest to lunch! Miriam is in town and she is spending her Friday with us. We ordered Lebanese from our local which went down very well. We then watched The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Miriam had never seen it and loved it.

We went for a drive later and showed Miriam some of the new developments. The Deira Enrichment Project and District 13 are two huge developments transforming the areas they are in.

We stopped briefly at the Last Exit D89 to show her the changes there and ended up buying a couple of new masks each. That was cool. Then to Elements in Wafi for a shawarma and other goodies. We walked around the area to show Miriam this view of these great columns. She was suitably impressed.

It was getting late by now, but there was time to try out the skeleton mimicking my pedalling moves. Closer to the car, G willingly posed for this upside-down science lab. :))

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