Saturday in the City

The anti vax movement held a protest in the city today. I didnt realise it was on and we went in for lunch and afterwards walked through the crowd. I’m not good at counting crowds but I doubt there was any more than 500 people there if that. It was peaceful and it didn't seem like there was any trouble thank goodness. Another shot in extras from the other end of Forrest Place. There were protests in all Australian capital cities today and I saw a little bit on the news of the one in Melbourne which was quite violent with a lot of police in attendance. Strange days indeed!

Later we went to G’s for afternoon tea and I was surprised that his blueberry bushes had some beautiful flowers so they are in extras : ) and then we went onto Julians for dinner. 
I love our Saturdays together but I’m worn out now and am just going to roll into bed ahhh!!  We’re off out again tomorrow for Julians band concert at lunchtime so at least I’ll get a little sleep-in whew I need it!! : )

Happy weekend everyone, hopefully I’ll catch up Sunday afternoon xxx

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