This afternoon I finished my music course ( again). I had done all the course work and obtained 3 x stars for all the songs before we went away on holidays in May. Since then they have added new material and I finished again today - this one has taken about three weeks to master and I am by no means very good yet, must have been a fluke. I just added up the songs and there are currently 647 with the widest range imaginable. The course was called Simply Piano which is an app and plays background music so it feels like you are playing in a band. Really good fun. The sound from the notes you plays is fed back to the app and it can mark you on speed and accuracy. It’s amazing technology. The developers are in Israel.

I cleaned another large portion of the back patio and the back path today with the pressure cleaner. It really needed doing. Now I’m waiting for the dinner to cook ( roast chicken tonight). I did my exercise on the bike while watching Insiders which is a current affairs show on Sunday mornings and highlights a few of the main topics of the week. 

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