Day Today

By Feathers14

Taking the Mick

Wa-hey! It's Mick.

Mick is one of the pros at breaking - he teaches lessons on a Friday and his signature power move is headspins. Now I need to be careful what I say here, as I don't want to piss him off; for someone who is ancient slightly older than the rest of us he outpaces pretty much everyone at training sessions. Breaking really isn't something just for young people - there are loads of competitions with 'naughty 40' categories for the original generation (OG) of bboys and bgirls in the UK.

A session where I worked on a few new things and continued slaving away at the next challenge for me, in breaking.

A very quiet day, otherwise: breakfast at Maddie's with Cristina, Kate and (briefly) Maddie's Dad, Chris; 'working' in Cafe Nero - where I spent 90 minutes doing calculations with absolutely no idea what I was calculating, why I was doing it or if I was doing it right - and then the breaking session in the evening.




50mm + breakdancers... I'm just not sure that the two go together that well (in my hands, with my skill). I like the shot, just not the big fat speaker intruding in to the frame in the top corner. I can't crop it because then the photo feels unbalanced and too cramped. Balls.

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