By Beinghere

Wasp Bike - tiny tuesday

When walking through the woods this morning I spotted this on the ground at the foot of a fir tree. I’m presuming it’s a wasp bike, because it reminds me of honeycomb that bees make.

We didn’t have the early rise I expected this morning. Instead Maggie wakened at 8.15am!
I thought the clock was wrong. So we had a bit of a rush to get washed and dressed, eat our breakfast and brush our teeth. Thankfully Suzy arrived in time to do Maggie’s hair before they set off for nursery.

Later Geordie and I went to Shell Bay woods for our walk. It was mild and very quiet, with not even the rustle of trees. In complete contrast to this evening. It’s almost blowing a Gale here now.

Hopefully I will be able to say that I have done something daring and brave (for me) tomorrow.
My friend and I have plans. .

Extra is an Evening primrose flower. They only last a day. I spotted it this evening. This is one of the plants I grew from seed, so I’m chuffed.

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