This is taken from my letter box looking towards the house.  Below are my thoughts from today and you don't have to continue reading.  
Found on Mr Google:
Buddhism views impermanence (Anicca or Anitya) as one of their essential doctrines that posits 'Everything changes and nothing lasts forever. ' Everything from our emotions to our thoughts and feelings, from the cells in our bodies to the plants around us, is changing and decaying continuously.  
I spent some time this morning going back to 2015 and viewing my blips from a trip to the Rocky Mountains and Colorado.  On this date I had a blipmeet with Pipers Mom.  I was grateful that blips allow me to keep a visual and written journal.  While everything is changing around me there is still a little snapshot of me and my thoughts in a corner of the world wide web.  
Today after exercise class, no Byron today, Annabelle and I went to visit Sue who six months ago feel off her bike and badly broke her arm.  The arm was pinned but hasn't responded and the surgeon is thinking he will try again using a bone graft from her hip.  She told us her daughter living in Melbourne had rung to tell her about the earthquake that had happened this morning.  Both Sue and her daughter were in Christchurch when that city had it's devastating earthquakes.  What with Covid and now this it made me thoughtful.  Us little humans are not in charge and there are forces outside of our control.    

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