If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


Our last full day on Solace for this trip.  We need to head back to the marina by mid afternoon, so that all the things which need done for the next owners get done.  Diesel topped up, water tanks filled, toilet tanks pumped out, gas cylinder replaced if empty.  There we hit a problem.   The marina had no gas, despite only supplying boaters who moor there.  Calor seem to have a number of problems, shortage of cylinders, shortage of drivers etc.

The blip was taken as we queued for Tixall Lock the last lock of this trip.  Queueing for locks is something we haven't had to do a lot of before, this trip we have queued quite a bit.   I suppose a sign of the times with people choosing/having to "staycation".  Another sign of this was we passed the Anglo welsh hire base and every single boat was out, I have never seen that before.

The blip shows "The mate" holding Solace on a centre line while G & I go ahead to help work the locks.  Katkatkat had sprained her ankle and so was forced to sit still, normally she would be working the locks as well.  Clickychick was there to moderate her activity as she was still wanting to rush about doing things.

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