Tiny Tuesday ....

... Red-spotted Purple Butterfly.  

As I was sitting in the sunroom this afternoon catching up on my journal I saw this beautiful butterfly on the mums.  At first I thought it was an Eastern Black Swallowtail as they are the variety of butterfly we are seeing most often right now. 

But then I realized it wasn't a swallowtail at all!  I grabbed my camera and headed outside.  I took several photos trying to inch closer and closer each time.  I wasn't at the best level for a getting a decent shot and as I tried to go up the step to get into the best position he/she fluttered off.  Unfortunately I didn't see him/her again.   So this is the best of the crappy shots! I did run the photo through Topaz Studio to soften it up.  

Seeing this beauty is a first for me!  We have never seen a red-spotted purple butterfly EVER! Anywhere!

Thanks to JDO (Jill) for hosting Tiny Tuesday all this month. 

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