I Witness

By KangaZu

Mono Monday: Week 348 ....

... a new set of wheels!

This is the same old Miss Chipster that appears on my other journal enjoying a ride in her new car!  Richard brought this home over the weekend and I simply love it! ♥  BTW: this was not Photoshopped! She really was in the car! Repeatedly!

I sat on the deck two times today because the weather was simply perfect ... there won't be too many days left like today.  Tomorrow at 9:31 am is the start of Autumn ... much to my despair.  I know most people love Fall/Autumn but Summer is my favorite season .... even with the high temps and humidity.  Ok ... I could do without the humidity. 

After supper we went for a quick walk at Housenick Memorial Park and then stopped at Walmart as I needed to get some Ring Snuggies.  I recently had my wedding band and engagement ring upsized but they are now too loose!  Go figure! With the cooler temperatures on the way I don't want to risk losing the rings so I needed something to make them snugger.  

Happy Mono Monday!  Thanks to GadgetKid for hosting this week!

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