By JohnW


Today was rather full.
This morning was a run to the butchers to pick up a meat order.  We have changed our butcher since we found out that the one we were using’s bacon was not British after he had inferred that it was many months ago.  You do tend to loose trust.  We found our current butcher back at the end of 2019, and only visited twice before lockdown.  We are back with shipping orders now, hopefully not closer that five or six week between as it is a ten mile trek both ways.
After I had got back and got the meat separated up and stowed in the freezers for freezing we had a spot of late lunch (pork pie with the order) I took a little doze for a couple of hours, and then, for some unknown reason other than it needed moving, proceeded to move our weather station anemometer to a new location.  The willow and the bay tree have grown so much this last year that the anemometer was in the lee for westerly winds.
By the time I had got it finished I needed a blip, so I took this shot (with a few thousand others of the same thing) from the road - I hope the neighbours don’t mind.
I then got dinner on in the oven, had a quick shower and was sat down to dinner when we had a phone call from our local gun dealer asking if he could drop off  ‘this evening’ a new air bottle compressor that I had ordered.  Well he would be an hour or so, so we had time to eat properly and get some clothes on - no point in getting dressed after you come out of the shower at eight in the evening - well dressing gown anyway.
I was not going to look at the compressor until the morning - BUT - NEW TOYS . . . !
So we finally got to bed at about one o’clock, and that’s why I’m uploading Thursday’s blip on Friday morning.  I thought you would like to know.

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