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By HeidiAndDolly

Balmer Lawn, The New Forest

It was time for another outing with Alfie the Campervan! This is Balmer Lawn in the New Forest, just north of Brockenhurst. I was here in July with a friend who has a ‘new’ vintage caravan, and we decided we needed to come back!

I arrived at 1pm but my friend had to work today so she arrived in the early evening. I picked our spot and decided we’d stay in exactly the same place where we were last time. I got set up, had lunch, and relaxed a bit before heading out for a walk. I walked through the forest and then crossed Balmer Lawn back to the campsite, which is just there behind all those trees in the picture. There were lots of ponies and cows, roaming freely, but not ‘wild’. They are all owned by ‘commoners’ who are free to own and graze their stock on New Forest land.

It’s supposed to be warm and sunny most of the weekend so it’s a perfect time for autumn camping!

My friend soon arrived and I prepared dinner while she got set up. Happy to spend a couple of days with her, and in such a beautiful setting!

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