Morning Visitors…And…Lymington!

It was a beautiful day for some autumn camping! I slept well and missed the best of the sunrise but then went for a misty walk as soon as I got up and still saw a bit of sunrise colour. The scene is so beautiful with the ponies grazing, and a large group of them wandered over to the campsite where they are free to wander through if they wish. And they did!

We had a leisurely morning. My friend drove to the bakery and brought back hot cross buns and croissants for breakfast for today and tomorrow. We decided to continue what we started last time we were here - bacon in hot cross buns with marmalade. Delicious!

We decided to take the train to from Brockenhurst to Lymington this afternoon. It’s just an 8-minute journey - I think it’s the first time I’ve been on a train since before the pandemic started! We wandered around the Quay - looked in a couple of shops, bought some freshly picked strawberries and ate them while enjoying the view of the boats. The train in the picture is the same service we took, but on the last leg from the town to the pier, where it connects to the Isle of Wight ferry. We finished our quayside visit with an ice cream - it had to be done!

We then walked along the High Street where there’s a bustling Saturday market. I was very restrained - it was mostly ‘window shopping’ for me, although I did buy one Christmas present!

We were back at the campsite in time for afternoon tea with cake. It’s certainly not been a diet day! We walked a bit around Balmer Lawn and watched the sun set over the campsite. It’s been such a warm beautiful day but as soon as the sun went down it was very chilly, so we made dinner and ate inside my friend’s caravan - very cosy. A perfect camping day!

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