By Pinkhairedlady

Back in his happy place

Poor Phin was still following me about this morning and looking confused as to why his toys, bed and bowls were being moved out of the house. He cheered up when Mr PHL took him into the motorhome as we were getting ready to leave.

I was driving our car up so we’ve got transport whilst we’re in Arisaig and dropped Miss PHL in town at her friends en route. She’s off to Lancaster to do a charity tandem skydive tomorrow. No flying suits apparently due to covid so she had to buy leggings and a long sleeved tee shirt. Hope she’s not too cold at 11000 feet!!

Three stops en route to walk Phin and use the human facilities. We came up the A9 as far as Dalwhinnie before Turing off to Spean Bridge. The road was a little twisty to say the least but we made it safely to Fort William where we stopped for a walk in the park.

Arrived at the campsite just before 6 and took Phin down to the beach whilst Mr PHL filled the van up with water and got us parked up. Phin loved loved loved running about on the beach and splashed in the sea. Hope I don’t run out of towels over the next 10 days!

We’re currently sitting in the van, listening to the rain drum on the roof. Phin is fast asleep and I’m enjoying a glass of wine whilst dinner heats in the oven. Happy weekend everyone.

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