By Pinkhairedlady

Flowers for a change

Blipped the flowers my friend Susan brought when she came for lunch on Monday (before the restrictions came into force) to meet Phin.

Another busy day in the life of the puppy. Looking back at photos from last week, he has certainly stretched and grown a lot. Just like babies!

Miss PHL and I nipped to the supermarket this morning to stock up (not stockpile) on cupboard items. Why does the oil, tinned goods and pasta/rice all run out at the same time? felt very guilty taking more than I run of soup!

Home to relax with the puppy for a while before he crashed out.

He’s been to the vets as we’re seeing a wee bit of blood in his poop and just wanted to check we’re doing the right thing with feeding etc. Being a lab, he eats everything he gets hold of so the garden holds many delights with leaves and wee bits of twigs!

Apparently all is ok but still need to keep a eye on him and go back with a sample in a week if not.

Zoom call with the girls tonight - quiz rounds included animals and Scotland, did better than I expected but didn’t win.

Night all

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