By Pinkhairedlady

A very lucky doggie

Too much red wine last night with the girls (virtually of course) meant I was quite confused when I heard Phin crying around 3 and couldn’t work out what Mr PHL was trying to tell me (mostly that he’d been out with him already!). I agreed to do the early morning shift and instantly fell asleep again. Downstairs at 7 and Miss PHL kept me company whilst the puppy dud what he needed to do and fell asleeep again.

I also went back to bed and slept for another hour it so. Much needed.

Nipped to the local co-op to get a couple of bits and cake home to tidy the downstairs and hoover the grass & dog hair in the lounge.

Had a lovely visit in the garden with my friend Nicola and her daughter Amy who brought Phin some lovely gifts including a pink pig which oinks who is now named Dorothy (courtesy of Amy) as all dog toys must start with the letter D.

He loved the pig and spent ages playing with it. It was slightly overshadowed by the football Mr PHL picked up when he took a trip to the model shop for more paint supplies.

Dinner was burgers and oven chips with coleslaw - nice for a change.

Thinking we will watch a film tonight but suspect I won’t last till the end. Hope you’re enjoying your weekends.

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