Boo fall

These signs are just how I feel. Boo to fall! I don't want it to get colder. Where did summer go? I miss Arizona's endless summer. It rains too much here. I am exhausted.

Several friends have been on vacations, and it's driving me nuts. First, I think international travel during the pandemic is a bad idea. Second, I need a vacation. I need several days away, not just off. But we are a little worried about Riddle, our geriatric dog, so we don't want to leave him alone.

One friend is in Hawaii for a week. Another is visiting Europe. Another's on the Texas Gulf coast. We're a few hours from the ocean but haven't been once. Now it's too chilly, and I bet all the touristy stuff is closed for the season. Not that I'm even really into tourist stuff, but sometimes a guy needs to visit a goofy seaside shop. I'd also like to spend some extra money (now that I have it with my new job) and stay at a nice hotel with a balcony facing the water. But I don't have any of that.

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