Jack The Ripper?

The first evening ticket event was held tonight in Hill of Tarvit Mansionhouse in 18 months.

Of course stringent Covid-19 rules were in place. Everyone wore masks and each group was seperated from any other by 2 metres.

The purpose of the event was to establish the true identity of Jack The Ripper who murdered six women in Whitechapel.

Using modern forensic techniques the purpose was to establish that Jack The Ripper was actually the last man to be publicly hanged in Dundee.

The jury were the audience and NTS volunteers who cast their verdict.

It would be unfair to the Presenter to publish the result or to give links.

It was a very interesting evening.

Today’s Blipfoto shows Hill of Tarvit Mansionhouse in the evening, with cars parked in front. This is not allowed during the day.

The reflection is made on the black glass roof of CactusFBI.  Have I just given away another clue?

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